Legal Info


All the clients’ withdrawals take 1 (one) business day to get approved or rejected for the below reasons. All the withdrawal requests must be executed by the client,logged in from his/her user, on the Crypto&Forex’s website.
The minimum amount for withdrawals is $50.
The client doenst have any bonus restrictions.
The clients account must be fully verified. Which means that the client has provided the company with his/her:
· A government issued ID card or passport
· A copy of a utility bill that states the clients name and his current address.
· Pictures of both sides of the credit card that was used to make the deposits. Only last 4 digits seen on the front side. Please cover the first 12 numbers.
The withdrawal amount will be sent back to the same credit card that was used to make the deposit(s)
Once approved, it takes 2-3 (two to three) business days for the client to receive the funds back to his/her card
If rejected, the client will immediately receive a call from the relevant account manager and will be explained the reasons why the withdrawal got rejected, and the ways to overcome the situation.
There might be some addiotional fees while executing the withdrawal depending on the clients credit card, his/her bank and country.
Crypto&Forex is must respond to any requests from the client about the status of his requests. The Client shall receive a response within a reasonable time period.
If a client recived a bonus from the company ( then the client needs to execute a total volume of trades equivalent to fourty five times the total bonus amount given to the client, to be able to withdraw the bonus and the funds available in the account.