Legal Info

Know Your Client Policy

Compliance Policy: has the legal obligation to verify the identity of each and every trader on the platform in order to comply with the international AML policies.. must make sure the funds transfered to a clients trading account is in fact coming from the client itself and nowhere else.
Being an international finance firm,’s compliance department works very similar to a banks compliance department and goes through the same verification process for its clients.
Once a deposit is made to a clients account, the client needs to send his/her ;
1)Government issued photo ID card or passport
2)A utility bill not older than 3 months that states clearly the clients full name and current address
3)If the deposit was made using a VISA or a Master Card, then the copy of both sides of that card, but only the last 4 digits of the front side visible. Please make sure to cover the first 12 digits of the card prior to sharing it with our compliance department to avoid any disturbences.
After all the documents were uploaded to our system or was sent via email, the account will be fully verified and the client can execute further deposit and withdrawals in case there is no more restriction on the account.